Become a partner center

Become a Partner Centre

Are you looking for a PADI Course Director to run your IDC’s and Professional level training. We are here to help and support you not only in running your IDC’s but we will actively help and support the development of your professional training.  All our partner centre’s benefit from our collective business management and development backgrounds working alongside you building your business and reputation.  Our reputation in the diving industry is one of success, we offer the highest levels of training and with a 100% first time PADI IE pass rate you know your candidates will be well cared for.
As a partner centre you will also benefit from our marketing and contact strategy meaning we will actively pursue candidates for you and that is all included in the package.

Two PADI Course Directors will work alongside you and help and support you in developing your professional dive business

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Contact us today and see how we can help you build you professional training business.  Use the contact form below or email to [email protected]